M. Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre

October 26-28, 2014







October 26                             October 27                         October 28

                10.00 a.m. - 6.00 a.m. –                                  GALA CONCERT                 Dance Troup Competition                 M. Zankovetska Theatre                           Workshops                                                                                             12.00 a.m. – 6.00 a.m. –                                                                         Vocal Ensemble Competition                                                                                  March Parade



1.1. We welcome Ukrainian and foreign children and junior creative teams as well as single performers to participate in the program of International Children Vocal-Dance Festival-Competition “Samotsvity”.


1.2. The festival will be held in the ancient city of Lion - Ukraine’s capital of culture that stays under aegis of UNESCO world-wide association and it will give a chance to combine performances of creative youth along with widening their horizons getting acquainted with cultures of people who lived here long before.


1.3. The festival’s purpose is promotion of traditional cultural heritage,       tightening up international contacts and cultural relations, exchange of knowledge, cultural and folk customs, peculiarities, experience and widening horizons.


1.4. The festival’s organizers lay special emphasis on youth and involvement of boys and girls from all over Ukraine in participation, understanding that our future is precisely in their hands.


1.5. Founders and organizers of the festival appear to be social organization “RAZOM” and “MERCURY” travel agency, ART-CENTRE “ANTRE”. The festival will take place with support of Lviv City Council.


The festival-competition program:


·festival-competition and gala concert

·march parade

·visiting concerts

·fair craftsmen work of festival’s member-countries (see additional conditions)

·dance and vocal workshops

·arts and crafts workshops (see additional conditions)

·choreography and vocal workshops

·guided tours

·reception for managers


Conditions for participation


In its nature the festival is a competitive one. Teams, chamber formations, ensembles and individual performers may participate in the festival.



I Nomination “Folk dance”

Folk teams representing authentic,

elaborated or styled folklore of their country.


II Nomination “Classical dance”

Representation of original classical heritage

or new interpretation based on ballet works


III Nomination “Contemporary dance”

Performance in this category may be in the following styles:

modernist style, disco, free plastique, young-adult direction,

non-standard forms (circus acrobatics, pantomime, step dance).


Competitors are entitled to participate in several nominations in case they have a separate application form and pay for each nomination. Soft copies of performance records to be sent with application form until September 15, 2014.


Age Category


I group              -           junior age group        -           under 7 years old


II group                        -           middle age group       -           under 11 years old


III group           -           senior age group        -           under 18 years old


Combined group





Teams and individual performances


I Nomination “Folk vocal”


II Nomination “Academic singing”


III Nomination “Pop song”


Performances in nominations “Folk vocal” and “Academic singing” to be given without microphones and sound record.


Performance time limit – 5 minutes.


The application form for participation must contain repertoire: song name, author, performance duration. All works to be performed at backing sound record. Backing vocal records are allowed. DOUBLE-vocal is not permitted (instrumental or vocal doubling of main part) for lead singers.


Competitors are entitled to participate in several nominations in case they have a separate application form and pay for each nomination. Soft copies of performance records to be sent with application form until September 15, 2014.


Technical Requirements


Sound record on USB drive, CD with perfect sound quality. Each record should be on a separate carrier with name of a team (performer) and a song. Following timeline is obligatory. If a song exceeds required timeline, jury may have a right to stop performance of a competitor.


Request for managers


With purpose of a better work of sound engineer please send your sound records in MP3 format and application forms (name of a dance troupe; city represented by a troupe; nomination, age category, name work) to the following e-mail address:




Application form attached.


  Estimation Criterion


·competitors professionalism;

·interpretation of work;


·dance composition;

·performance emotional sensitivity;



Awards for competitors


FESTIVAL’S GRAN PRIX will be awarded by unanimous vote of jury in nominations “Vocal” and “Choreography” – 10 Thousand UAH.


1. Money prize for winning team in each nomination.

Manager’s will get “Choice-Award”, “Best Choreography Work”, “Best Teacher”, “Preservation of National Cultural Customs”, “People’s Choice Award” issued by Lviv City Council  Department of Culture and Tourism, travel agency “Mercury”, Main Sponsor “Galnaftogaz” Concern, Proud Sponsor, Main Media-Sponsor - Radio “Lux”.


2. Winners will be awarded in each nomination: Prize Winner of I, II, III grade and will get promotional gifts, souvenirs with festival’s brand marks.


3. Competitors will be awarded with: “Certificates” of I, II, III grade and “Competitor”.



Jury Membership


Jury Membership will be formed by Organizers with representatives of culture and arts, social organizations, mass media and other prominent figures. Permanent jury will be composed of 5 persons. Jury membership may be increased depending on amount of member-countries. Head of the jury will be elected by the organizing committee.


Festival’s Sponsors


·“Galnaftogaz” Concern

·“Mercury” travel agency

·Radio “Lux”

·“Fest Lokal”


Broadcasting, information support


·Radio “Lux”

·Public Service Television “Razom TV”

·TV Channel “ZIK”


Charity contribution “Sunny”


Within the context of event let’s support children with special needs by inviting them to formal opening concert with invited teams and performers.


Additional Information


In case it is necessary to prepare a thank-you letter addressed to partners or sponsors, managers should preliminary send official data to the organizing committee. No more than two thank-you letters allowed.

If a delegation membership has an official person, the Organizing Committee must be informed about it. As an option, Creative Centre can assist in arrangement of scheduled meeting with representatives of Ukraine on the appropriate level.



To participate in craftsmen work fair – application to be attached.


To participate in outdoor visiting concerts - application to be attached.


To participate in arts and crafts workshops – please inform in advance.



Competitors should arrive in the company of parents and managers who are responsible for behavior, health and safety of the children.



Best regards,


Organizing Committee

International Vocal-Dance

Festival-Competition “Samotsvity”